About me

As a graduate of Soore University with a degree in cinema directing, my passion for cinema and illustration has been a driving force throughout my academic and professional career. I have honed my skills in photography and filmmaking through various trainings and have been working in the field of photography and cinema since 1390.
With more than 7 years of experience in various industries, I have successfully managed several projects ranging from product photography to commercial photography and photo retouching. I have also directed advertising films, teasers, stop motion, and edited promotional teasers and short films. In addition, I have experience in product packaging design, social media management, and copywriting focusing on website content.
Throughout my career, I have collaborated with various people and companies in the field of making teasers, commercial and industrial documentaries, and continuously worked with radio and television, and video media in the field of editing and shooting as a freelancer.
Since 2017, I have been working with Shekari-group Company as an advertising management and content creator. In this role, I have successfully managed several projects as a DOP, including product photography, 360 photography, production of industrial and promotional teasers, as well as documentary production. I have also been involved in content production for virtual networks and UX and UI design of the site.